Restaurant Design

It’s not every day I get to design a logo for a restaurant, so I was pretty excited to get a call to rebrand the Peddler Steak House in Spartanburg. They had decided after almost 40 years to move the restaurant to a more visible location on Main Street.

One of my best friends, Lucynda Moore of Rare Design, is an architect and she had been hired to design the renovations. She invited me in on the project and I was thrilled to do it! Getting in on the ground floor for a project is the very best way for me to have the biggest impact on branding.

The Peddler’s concept is pretty unique. They bring a rolling chopping block out to your table a cut the meat right there! You can decide how thick or thin you want it. So I wanted to give them an old world image of a butcher and I wanted the logo to look classic.


After the logo was finished, we moved on to signs, menus, the website, etc. It’s great to be able to make everything go together and cohesive.


The space was a restaurant before, but they still had to do extensive renovations. They moved the front entrance to the side where a walking street has been added in recent years.

The next step was to design the website. Valerie Bickley of Bickley Creative and I turnkey websites from writing to design. The outcome is a fully custom, unique website with a marketing message to help you set your business apart.

The business cards were printed on Trifecta’s 38 point Red with Velvet Finish paper. Which means the “inside” of the paper has red that shows around the edge. I wanted to emulate a “rare” inside.


When it was all done, the Peddler was my one of my favorite projects of 2018!