What's in a Name?

It all starts with this "big idea". That moment when you realize you've got a great concept for a new business and you know you're ready to step out there, take a chance and go for it. It's been compared to having a baby. The moment your "baby" is conceived, you begin preparing for it's arrival. The second thing that happens is typically to come up with a name. What are you going to call it? The ideas start to flow... You brain storm over a glass of wine with friends or a partner. It's a big deal, so you want it to be perfect. It has to have meaning, strength, purpose. It has to be sounded out, spelled right, etc. You land on a few ideas then the research begins. You go out there to find out if other people have that name you start realizing you might want to trademark it. It's very important that you get it right. Then you realize perhaps all of the names you have come up with kinda fall short. They're just not that great or they've already been taken. The names you have might describe what you're doing, but they're not unique enough, not powerful enough... Then discouragement sets in. You can't agree with your partner or friends on the right direction. What's next?

What some of you might not know, is there's help! Believe it or not, there are people who have made careers in naming companies. That's right! They are called Copywriters, but not just any copywriter will do. As in hiring the right graphic designer, you need to find the right copywriter to help you come up with the perfect name. You need someone with a lot of experience in branding companies. Someone who's not just good with words, but looks at your business from a marketing perspective and can take your beautiful "baby" and do it justice with an outstanding name. There are a lot of great copywriters out there, but I work with Valerie Bickley of Bickley Creative. She and I have worked together for many years and we've branded many companies together. I tell people she's words and I'm pictures. We go together like peas and carrots. Valerie has a great way of looking at creative challenges with confidence and a spark. She does not disappoint and has always come through with flying colors for all of my clients.

Some Things To Consider
In a time where everything out there has practically been "done" and a lot of names are taken, it can be very challenging to name your business. A lot of people first consider using their own name. While that's not a bad idea and it is certainly appropriate for some businesses, you must take into consideration the lifespan of your business and whether or not you plan on selling your company in the future. If this is something you hope to build and some day sell, you might want to consider NOT using your name. Your business will have a greater impact in the long term if the name of the business has staying power. This is not to say that your last name isn't the perfect name for a business, but keep in mind the following questions:
• How long is the name? The longer the name, the smaller it will be.
• Does it sound good and is it easy to pronounce? For instance, if your last name is Mictlantecuhtli, it's going to not only be very long, but difficult to pronounce for the average person. 
• Does it look good in print?
• Is your name a really common one?

Last, But Not Least
Words have meaning and they produce opinions. Your name and logo are the face of your "baby", and since so often it's the first thing people see, first impressions are powerful. The perfect name will have what we call "legs" and carry you a long way. So make sure you take the time and often spend the money to get this right. Your name is the one thing you don't ever want to have to change. I'm sure you're goal is to build a brand and reputation that is long lasting and in the end successful, it's important it to get it right.