Why Do Business with a Small, Southern Woman?

Southern Charm, Southern Sprawl, Southern Hospitality, Southern accent, Southern style, Southern Comfort... All are great and endearing virtues of the South. So why are people all over the country so adverse to doing business with people in the South?  The perception that most people have of the South is only that - perception. I would venture to say most have never spent time in the South. 

Southern Charm

Born and raised in a small, old Southern town, I grew up saying, "Yes ma'am" and "No Sir". I was taught to speak kindly to strangers on the street and my Daddy never met a stranger. Kindness and friendliness runs in my blood. Helping out neighbors and concern for others is my Christian duty.

This attitude of kindness is how I run my graphic design company in a normally cut-throat business. I strive to humbly listen to my clients needs and concerns and then seek out what's best for them, not my portfolio. I prefer face-to-face meetings over phone calls. I don't overload myself so that I can give my clients the personal service I expect from the people I do business with.

Southern Sprawl

Here in Greenville we have lots of space and not so much traffic, that I can easily drive downtown to a sweet spot called CoWork. I'm not all stressed out when I get there from fighting traffic. It's a nice drive in with a view of the Blue Ridge Mountains in the distance. At the end of the day, I get to drive home to my little 2 acre lot with a Craftsman house built in 1930. Ahhh... It's heavenly!

Southern Hospitality

Friends from work, friends from church, friends from the neighborhood... We love entertaining! A beer after work downtown or on the front porch on a Saturday night makes for a full life in our Southern town. The time spent relaxing makes the time working so much sweeter. I love what I do and look forward to Mondays!

Southern Accent

"Hey y'all! Come on over and let me fix you a glass of iced tea!" I'm proud of my Southern heritage and you won't need closed caption at the bottom of the screen to understand me. Remember, the "South" you see on TV does exist, but only to scare you and keep you away!  (Wink, wink) We're educated, smart and savvy. In the past 20 years, Greenville has had more engineers per capita than any other city in the US. We've now moved on to begin a tech industry to rival most cities. Just wait and see!

Southern Style

We're not in the fashion capital of the world, but we don't walk around in overalls either! Southern Style has an ease about it. Not stuffy or overly done. Just comfortable and cool. Slip into your favorite white t-shirt and comfy jeans and you'll fit right in.

Southern Comfort

My goal is to make you feel comfortable right away. You'll impress me more with a genuine smile and a friendly handshake than a Jaguar. I believe in doing business in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. From the moment I meet clients, it's my desire to show honesty and a genuineness of spirit. My mama always said first impressions are the strongest. 

I hope you'll consider working with this Southern gal. Y'all call us now, you hear?