How to Get the Best Logo.

I have been designing logos for over 18 years and if there one thing I know, it's an important piece of the puzzle in staring a new business. I tell my clients that its like putting a face on your baby. If its ugly, everyone will notice, but they might not tell you. If its average, they might just pass it by with no thought. But, if its attractive, you'll get some looks and hopefully some good recognition in the marketplace. So hiring the right graphic designer, is critical. We recommend hiring someone who specializes in logo design. Whether you're rebranding or starting a new business you need to develop a strong brand that will stand the test of time.

Are you ready for a logo?

If you don't have a good grasp on the message and concept of what your business is about and your vision is vague, you're probably not really ready for a logo. It is essential that you're ready to communicate on a deep level to your designer about your business. Bad communication will lead to bad design. On the other hand, if you're able to give clear and focused informations, a good designer should be able to pull the elements together and give you a good solution. 

The next thing you need is a name. This is one of the biggest decisions to get right and often one of the hardest to make. Keep in mind that naming your business is also like naming a child. If they have to spell it every time they say it, that might be a problem. Also words that are hard to pronounce make using it difficult. Hiring a good brand development writer can be very helpful. Often times you're too close to the project to name it or you might need a writer to help you zero in on the main concept of the company. Either way, you need the name to not only look good in print, but also sound good. Short names usually work better than long ones. But this isn't a rule, just an opinion. In the end, you're building a business on that name, so it has to be right. 

Designing logos is a tricky business.

The purpose of your logo is to create an image that represents your business. If its too busy, it means your trying to tell your whole story in the design. (Your logo will never tell the whole story, nor should it.) The type should be easy to read and the icon should be a simple solution that pulls together the basic concepts of your business. The more elements you try and put into your logo, the less effective  it will be. Logos need to be simple, because sometimes they will be viewed very small and sometimes your customers will have less than 5 seconds to look at it. The way it works is the designer will take images that represent an idea and put them together in a clever way, but sometimes it's necessary to not be too clever, then you have something that looks like you're trying too hard. In the end, the design has to hit you, not require too much explanation and give you confidence.if you're not comfortable with the design, it's probably not right. A good designer should be able to handle problems such as a potential redesign.

Is it hard to work with a creative person?

 Creative people can be difficult to work with, but your attitude toward them can make all the difference. Creative people are good at what they do because they think outside the normal parameters of the rest of the world. The process of creating comes from within the person and so therefore, they will usually be passionate about what they're doing. I can tell you that the more you try and control the designer, the less effective he or she will be in doing the best job possible. Keep in mind that you're hiring a professional who's an expert in their field. With that said, you don't want to hire a prima donna. They will try and force their design on you and refuse to budge. You might end up with a design you don't like and a large hole in your budget. Collaboration most often produces the best ideas. Look for someone that puts you at ease on the phone and who is responsive to your ideas for your business. Look for someone who calls you back and responds quickly to emails. If they're not responsive in getting the job, they probably won't be responsive once they get he job. In your interview with them, look for someone who is more interested in what you have to say than giving you their expert opinion and advise right off the bat. Don't expect creative ideas in the interview. Off -the-cuff ideas can be good, but are not thought through and can be a shallow desire to impress you. Once you've hired them remember that designers are passionate about what they do, so don't kill the heart of your designer. If their heart's not in it, you'll get substandard design.

So how long does this process take?

For us, logo design is a complex, problem-solving business that often requires hours and hours of time, then again, it can be solved in a minute. Please understand that we don't bill by the hour for logos. Great ideas can come in a variety of settings and are never predictable. Our average turnaround is 2 weeks from the initial input meeting. You will receive no less than 3 full blown designs to choose from. Once the design is finished, approved and paid for, you will own it. We only retain the rights to use it on our website. We will provide you with all of the various formats you'll need to use your new logo to its fullest. Please allow at least a month to complete this process and get business cards printed, before opening your business.

If you're ready to "give your baby a face", Mighty Mouse Productions is ready to meet your logo and business advertising needs. Call us at 864-325-2345.